Global Science Requires Open Data

The unfolding digital revolution is a historical event as profound as the introduction of the printing press. Extremely large data sets, or "big data", are the engine of this revolution, creating an opportunity for scientific discovery through analysis of complex systems such as weather, the economy and the brain. But to achieve the full benefit, publicly funded big data must be open data.
We are seeking organizational endorsements for the principles set out in the accord "Open Data in a Big Data World". The accord reflects our belief that in an era of big data research, open data is essential to allow rigorous independent testing and replication of findings. It is essential, as well, to allow developing nations full participation in the global research enterprise.

The Accord


Long version

Short version

The 12 Principles of Open Data

To see all 12 principles, download the Accord above.

Endorse Now

A commitment to excellence

We are seeking endorsements from science, education and policy institutions, universities and libraries as well as commercial and non-commercial publishers of scientific literature. Please note that at this time, we are not seeking endorsements from individuals. However, if you would like to help support the principles of open data, we encourage you to explore whether it would be possible for your organization to endorse them. If you have any questions, please e-mail

I confirm that the organization listed below endorses the principles set out in the accord "Open Data in a Big Data World". I authorize the Science International partners to include the name of this organization in public communication about the initiative.
I hereby confirm that I have the authority to endorse the principles of this Accord on behalf of the organization listed above.

Our Endorsers

Our list of endorsers includes many regional and national science academies, representing Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, the Caribbean, Colombia, Ethiopia, Hungary, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Republic of Korea, South Africa and Switzerland, among others. International scientific organizations have also endorsed the accord, including the unions on mathematics, pure and applied chemistry, soil sciences, and toxicology. Also among the other endorsers are universities, university libraries, research institutes and civil society groups.

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About Science International

Science International is a series of regular meetings that convene the International Council for Science (ICSU); the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP); The World Academy of Sciences for the advancement of science in developing countries (TWAS); and the International Social Science Council (ISSC). Together, they represent more than 250 national and regional science academies, scientific unions and other organizations, with individual members at the highest levels of research, policy and education.
Through these meetings, Science International aims to achieve a significant impact on key science policy challenges. Each of the Science International partners will nominate experts to help produce its reports and policy proposals. The partners will then work with governments, funding agencies and other policy bodies.

"Open Data in a Big Data World" is the first Science International initiative.
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